Innovation of cycling technology : The Lotus Type 108

Originally known as LotusSport Pursuit Bicycle and this bike is manipulated from the original design by Norfolk based Mike Burrows. This revolutionary frame is an advanced aerofoil cross-section using a carbon composite monocoque and was rejected by British bicycle manufacturers. Plus, it was put illegal by the UCI. Even though British Cycling Federation was enthusiastically accepting this bike, this project was shelved in 1987. In 1992, Chris Boardman won the 400m pursuit race in the Barcelona Olympics using the same bike after the UCI has revoked the ban in 1990.

Total of 15 Lotus Type 108 has been produced. 3 of them has been used in the Olympics and a further of 8 replicas were sold at £15,000 each. Wanna see it for yourself? Head down to the Science Museum in South Kensington.

p/s: Check out the color combination! Radddd!