About Us

We love cycling. Fixed Gear. Brakeless. Kuala Lumpur is our hometown and yellow is our color.

YellowBikeCompany and the team is well-known for organizing and winning fixed gear races throughout the Southeast Asia. YellowBikeCompany have been going strong since the first they started circa 2008 until present day. YellowBikeCompany have been co-organizing fixed gear races such as the Helicat KL, Crit Haram #1 & #2, and our pride, the Kuala Lumpur International Fixed Gear Tournament (KLIFGT) 2011 and 2012. The idea of creating KLIFGT came from YellowBikeCompany’s table discussion. Under the management of YellowBikeCompany, they created a clothing brand exclusively for cyclists, The Dead Cogs. They’ve done t-shirt range and now they are planning to go bigger and even better.