Dustin Klein's Raleigh Track

I was surfing the net this morning and I saw the name Dustin Klein on Prolly's site which interest me to see what kinda bike this fixed gear clothing, Cadence pioneer rode and guess what, it makes my eyes open wider to see the condition of his bike. The first sentence that came to my mind is "This is how a fixed gear bike should look like!" It's one helluva beautiful bike! Why am I saying this bike is beautiful? Its because nowadays most people who rides a fixed gear is so cautious. They are so worried of their bike getting scratches, dings or any other gruesome conditions. Come on guys. I know some of you ride rare frames or parts but bicycle are bicycles. Not even humans gonna last forever aite? I love the fact that Mr. Klein, the owner of Cadence and the organizer of the Fast Friday fully utilize his Raleigh Track. With scratches, sticker stains, peeled off frame color, smeary parts and ripped saddle, I'm giving it a 5 star! True!

picture credits to John Prolly. Nice photos! Love it sir!